Meal Prepper Excited For Same Meal Every Day This Month

Millions of Americans forgo eating out in favor of the culinary fad known as “meal prepping.” Instead of eating a varied diet, these “preppers” look to save time by getting all of their food production for a period of days completed in one go. It can also help people save money and reach their nutritional goals. ⁣

Kobe Salazar spoke to us while he prepared his meals for the entire month of April in the kitchen of his Laurelhurst townhome. “It’s simple really – my system is optimized for efficiency. All I have to do is prepare 34 quarts of lemon pepper bang bang turkey, which can be prepared easily in under three hours by utilizing seven instant pots. I put a scoop into a container with soggy green beans and cauliflower rice, and repeat that until I’ve got meals ready to go each day until the start of the Rose Festival. Sure I need two garage freezers to store it all, but it’s well worth it. You see, decision fatigue is a real motivation killer, and through my prep I have freed up a ton of monthly mental energy that won’t be spent brainstorming different foods to eat. Did I mention my meals are fully ketogenic?” ⁣

Salazar spent his entire Sunday preparing 21 days worth of meals and would not stop evangelizing on the benefits of meal prep. “In addition to decision fatigue there is also something called fun fatigue. By denying myself access to unique tastes, cuisines and flavors, I’m more available to thoroughly enjoy my real passions in life, like going to the climbing gym, doing orgasmic meditation, listening to Gary V’s podcast, trading crypto and trying to get my Raya application accepted. And the best part is, I don’t even have to worry about hitting my macros.“⁣