Portland Couple Inspired By Anthony Bourdain Eats A Meal East Of 52nd Ave

 Portland Couple Inspired By Anthony Bourdain Eats A Meal East Of 52nd Ave

The city of Portland boasts hundreds of restaurants laid out all across its municipal territory, and one Pearl District couple has made it their mission to search far and wide for the city’s best eateries. Inspired by the late celebrity chef, author and travel documentarian Anthony Bourdain, 64-year-old Maury Patstone and Sam Burghardt, 62, have set out to explore parts of town previously unknown. ⁣

“We were watching our nightly episode of ‘No Reservations,’ when Tony – yeah, we call him Tony – was dining in rural Mongolia,” said Burghardt. “It was Tsagaan Sar, the Mongolian New Year, which is a festival celebrating new beginnings. I turned to Maury and said, ‘this is a sign we need to start getting more adventurous when we eat out, isn’t it?’ He wholeheartedly agreed.” ⁣

“We love patronizing restaurants that not only immerse us in traditional cuisine, but also envelop us with their culture,” said Patstone. “From Paley’s Place on Northwest 21st, to Marrakesh on Northwest 21st, to San Sai on Northwest 21st, we truly love to explore. We even enjoy trekking out to the Near East to enjoy otherworldly delights from Nong’s Khao Man Gai and Afuri. Feeling inspired by our sensei Tony, we are keen to adventure out to the Far East, in the lands that lie beyond 52nd Avenue.“⁣

When asked what eateries they were looking to explore, Patstone exalted. “Twisted delights and exotic cookery await us brave and intrepid explorers at the likes of Lazy Susan, Rose VL, East Glisan Pizza, HK Cafe, and beyond.“⁣

We inquired about any wisdom that they might impart before embarking on their food journey. Burghardt was prophetic: “Order one of everything on the menu. Keep the wind at your back and keep curiosity in your heart. Let the cultures of the world wash over you with each passing morsel. It may be dangerous, as we have not been out East of 52nd, but Tony’s spirit of wandering and discovery burns deep within all of us like a spitting cauldron. Finally, always bring friends, tip large and never order fish on a Monday.”