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Report: If You Made It To Salt & Straw Before

Salt & Straw scoopers are mandated by law to make sure that you are able to pick your favorite flavor of ice cream, along with your choice of toppings, and a selection of either a waffle cone or bowl, so long as you are in line before 8:00pm.Read More

Oregonian Requests New Ballot After Forgetting To Take Voting Selfie

With one week remaining until Election Day, More than 1.2 million Oregonians have already voted. Ballot boxes will be open until 8:00 next Tuesday, though today is the final day to safely mail in a ballot. Anybody who has a problem casting their vote or who made an error on their ballot is encouraged to contact the Oregon voter hotline.Read More

Portland Boomer Unsure Which Antifa General To Vote For

63-year-old undecided voter Frank Mortellini stared at his ballot in disbelief. “As far as I’m concerned, this is like having to choose between identical triplets. They’re all clearly antifa generals hell-bent on burning this city to the ground.“⁣Read More