Vancouver Unveils New Sideshow Bob Roundabout

 Vancouver Unveils New Sideshow Bob Roundabout

On Tuesday afternoon, City Council Member Laurie Lebowsky hosted an event unveiling the newest piece of Vancouver, Washington’s infrastructure. The Sideshow Bob Roundabout is located in the Fisher’s Landing neighborhood and features a larger-than-life statue of the recurring character from The Simpsons.⁣

The timing of the traffic circle’s debut seemed suspicious to some, but Lebowsky quelled all worries at the post-event press conference. ⁣

“While there is a Springfield in every state, it has long been rumored that the series takes place right here in ‘The Couve.’ We couldn’t be more thrilled to name the newest rotary in our community after the main character and protagonist of the series, Sideshow Bob, voiced by Seattle’s own Kelsey Grammer.“⁣

Critics can’t help but point out the dubious timing of this announcement. “Give me a break – Vancouver can’t do anything original!” exclaimed Portland resident Caroline McDougal. “All they can do is swagger-jack us. We literally named our pedestrian bridge ‘Ned Flanders Crossing’ exactly a week ago and now they are pulling this shit? Kelsey Grammer only lived in Seattle in the FICTIONAL show Frasier. It’s fitting they named it after Sideshow Bob, because Vancouver will always be a sideshow city.” ⁣

When asked if the Sideshow Bob Roundabout was hastily created in response to Portland’s newest pedestrian bridge, Lebowsky was defiant. “I have no idea what you’re talking about. The Vancouver City Council doesn’t concern ourselves with the goings on of our neighborinos south of the border.“⁣